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We build

Merchandise experiences
for the lifting, transport and
earthmoving industry. ​

Your all-in merchandise partner

49.000 Sarens branded products distributed

every year!

Europe and Americas merchandise solution

Multi-continental for Tadano

Toys for boys

We scale tough equipment to high quality miniatures

Need help with your Bauma merch?

We are there 24/7

We build cool products for cool brands 😎

We focus on industrial clients 

Storage, tradeshows, brochures..

Whatever you need

We promise a

No Hassle Guarantee


All-in merch solutions

From production, logistics and warehousing, to marketing, design, customer care and (after)sales: we take care of all merchandising needs so our clients can focus on their core business.

Logistics & warehousing

Design & production

Marketing & sales


Return on investment

Through our additional scale model reseller channel IMC Models, we help brands create new revenue streams, such as license earnings and increased brand recognition.

License earnings

Low quantity & cost


Tailored to your needs

Every business is unique, which is why we work closely together with our clients to make sure that the merchandise is adjusted to their needs and goals.

Every client is unique

Cool ✌️ brand
looking for help?

Merchandise experiences for the lifting,
transport and earthmoving industry.


+31 (0) 30 721 0660



Peppelkade 23
3992 AL, Houten
The Netherlands

We're hiring!

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